Matcha Pancakes

These pancakes were made with Lion’s mane mushroom matcha and the chocolate one was made with their 10 mushroom mix. Lion’s mane medicinal mushroom stimulates neurogenesis! Incredible. It’s a remarkable product and I am very lucky to collaborate with them on this recipe.



Recipe: .

🥞2 cups of spelt flour (or regular flour).

🥞2 T of coconut sugar.

🥞2 1/4 cup of almond milk.

🥞1 tsp of apple cider vinegar. .

🥞3 T of coconut oil.

🥞Divide batter in half. Add @foursigmatic mushroom matcha drink mix to one half and @foursigmatic 10 mushroom blend mix to the other with 2 tsp of cacao powder.

🥞 blended each batter with a hand blender.

🥞 put a pan on low heat and dollop 2 T of batter onto the pan (i used a circular cookie cutter).


Compote is simmerer wild bluebs with chia seeds and 2 T beet juice and 1 T of maple syrup. .

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