Ever hear people say to “cut out all carbs” or “carbs make you fat”? I’ve got good news for you,

Especially if you’re a carb loving human like myself (which is most humans anyway). The truth is this: CARBS ARE NOT EVIL

Wonderful news, right?

So many people think in order to lose weight they NEED to cut out all or most carbs. The truth is, you can drop body fat and lose weight while still eating carbs.

I do it.

I find that the vast MAJORITY of people struggle to go long periods on very low carbs.

Carbs are in veggies, fruit, grains, breads…..so many things we eat. And Carbs have benefits like:

Fuelling performance.

Maintaining muscle tissue.

Tasting really damn good

I remember when I first started training, I was on lower carbs than I ever had been before. And my body was struggling.

Struggling in my training, struggling with my energy, and I was really tempted by cravings.

What I ended up doing was adding in a “refeed day” where I STRATEGICALLY ate a large amount of carbs on one day per week and this massively helped me to continue to drop body fat, maintain lean muscle, and stick to my nutrition plan during the week.

It’s tough to realize that the beliefs you held onto so tightly may not be the truth at all.

This now gives you the permission to be more free and FLEXIBLE.

This is what I stand for.

Permanent Transformations.

And that is the exact opposite of these super restrictive diets.

All they do is makes us feel totally IMPRISONED.

Can even lead to things like:






I mean who wants that?

Because all these things are tied together. Your body, your mindset, your well-being.

And when you’re following methods that allow you to feel better, it leads to better results in the long-term with your body and mind.

So, if you want to build a healthy relationship with carbs and food in general, and experience total freedom and flexibility with your nutrition, drop a “CARBS” in the comments, or Click here

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