3 Key Health & Fitness Points

The health and fitness industry is a minefield at times!

It’s so easy to get lost in the details and dieting fads when we really don’t need to focus on any of these strategies!

Instead there are 3 things that if you get them right you’ll lead a healthier life, have a better body shape, function better mentally and physically.


Focus on getting 8hrs of sleep per night, the aim is to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time each day. Lets say for example you go to bed at 11pm then get up at 7am.

Sleep tips:

Switch off all mobile devices and TV 1hr before bed (instead read a book)

Take a bath at the end of each day and aim to relax

Use a sleeping mask or buy blackout blinds to cut out light in the bedroom

Avoid eating 2-3hrs before bed

Open a window in your bedroom and make it cooler – it’s easier for us to fall to sleep

Reduce caffeine intake – cut down from 3 coffees to 2

Avoid caffeine after 12pm (ideally before 10am)


What i’m going to focus on here is simple…exercising for 30 minutes each day. That means you’ve got to commit to 30 minutes of specific exercise 7 days per week. Get moving and commit to 30 minutes. If you can do more then great.


I’m not asking you to cut out foods, byall means have your pizza at the weekend, or treat yourself to a chocolate bar mid week BUT at the same time start to eat more single ingredient foods….

Single ingredient foods are stuff without any added ingredients (natural foods basically!)

Chicken, turkey, steak, mince, cod, tuna, salmon, eggs, nuts, vegetables, fruit, potatoes, rice, etc!

Aim to get 70-80% of diet through these foods and you’ll likely….

feel fuller for longer

have more energy

change your body shape

eat less overall calories (lose weight)

you’ll fight off disease and infections much more quickly

you’ll provide you body with nutrients to help it grow, and repair!

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